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Born around the mid 70’s, probably had a “normal” childhood, not any broken bones but enough skiffs and bruises to ensure a healthy amount of skepticism towards unnatural dangers, like roller coasters and HEIGHTS !

Always been a tinkerer, my moms vacuum machine was my first victim of dismantling, and other tings soon followed. At a later stage I got better at fixing things and I soon moved over to making things also.

The first thing i can remember that i actually made, well really copied; was a hair thingamajig for my mother, a wire with a loop in one end to somehow thread hair into itself, a present for my mom as it was something she had seen on tv.

Later on I worked in our family’s truck garage and are now somewhat of an expert with alternators and starters, not to mention a “father’s knee” tutored mechanic. Later on I ventured into electronics and ended up in the mid 90’s with a electronics and computer technician degree, witch in those days meant straight into IT to do stuff you absolutely didn’t have to go to school for… lolz

Long story short: IT world, been there done that.
Always been tinkering with something and some years ago, about ’11 I think I stumbled over Arduino, and i was intrigued, I kinda remebered I was good at this at school but couldnt for the life of me remeber how to start, so the Arduino IDE and YouTube got me started there and soon after I was swimming around in sensors, actuators and other cool “I just gotta have one” modules having fun making all kinds of stuff.

My first homegrown arduino project was a high speed photo controller, that took input from a sensor and triggered flashes while controlling the camera shutter to take really cool pictures.

And after a while I now have a really cool mancave stuffed with CNC machines 3D printers and most of the tiddlybits you would expect to find in a makers cave, struggling to make ends meed time wise due to work, family, children and other projects around house, car and so on…..

Trying to write down some of my makings and experiences here on this humble website…